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The 6 types of tools to automate business

> "About half the activities carried out by workers today have the potential to be automated" - McKinsey, 2017 Photo by Pat Krupa on Unsplash TL;DR: busines

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Who are we?

"Ziggy Startdust, Thin White Duke or Tin Machine, which was the best?" As though there is a definitive answer. The highest selling, the most expressive, the m

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What we owe to the universe

One of my favourite desserts growing up was Airplane Jelly. They nailed their marketing, at least for the kids. The first time I saw the Airplane Jelly Tiger

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Reaching the checkpoint

I have had a few false starts with this. This, being regularly translating my ideas and reflections into written form. Being on an extended holiday at the

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Learning to write

Not overly inspired to write but forcing the action to build the habit. Not just dedicating a block of time in the day but for imprinting the muscle memory. L

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Entering the Jungle

Taking a step further into the jungle of reason is better than looking at it from within the comfort of the Land Cruiser. Taking logic into the public doma

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